Whitening a Grey Tooth: Is It Possible?

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The most familiar face in the world, as far as you're concerned, is your own. It doesn't matter if you're a supermodel or the elephant man, your face is the one that stares back at you from the mirror each and every day. You're so utterly used to it that even minor imperfections are just a fact of life, and this is particularly true with your smile. If you have a single grey tooth in your mouth and decide that you want to give your smile a makeover, can you in fact whiten it?

What Might Have Caused Your Grey Tooth

There are numerous reasons why a person might have a single grey tooth. The tooth might have experienced trauma (a forceful blow to the mouth) when it was developing, meaning that the development of its surface enamel was disrupted during the formation stage or that blood flow to the dental nerve was temporarily interrupted during the healing process, both of which can result in a grey colour. The condition can also be hereditary, or it might be due to the fact that you were prescribed tetracycline antibiotics at a young age (or perhaps even your mother was prescribed these while she was pregnant with you). Discolouration of teeth is an unfortunate side effect of this type of antibiotic. 

The Tooth Colour Doesn't Reflect Its Health

Just because the tooth is grey doesn't mean that it isn't perfectly healthy, and any desired changes to its colour will be purely cosmetic. However, this doesn't mean that the tooth will respond all that well to all teeth whitening treatments. If you were to use a home whitening treatment, your other teeth would certainly respond, and yet any changes to the grey tooth will be so minor as to be barely perceptible.

See Your Dentist

If you want a uniform smile with all your teeth the same shade of white, it's necessary to go to the dentist for a veneer. The grey tooth will be fitted with a veneer in your preferred shade of white, and then the remaining teeth can be whitened to match the veneer. Your dentist can do this with absolute precision, which is not going to be possible with a home whitening kit. The onus is then on you to maintain that colour, using the shade of the veneer as your guide.

A single grey tooth doesn't mean that you can't have a beautifully white smile, but it is a little more complicated than just popping into the chemist to buy a whitening kit. Contact a dentist who offers teeth whitening treatment to learn more about your options.


26 December 2019

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