Key Facts About Dental Implants

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If you have had dentures all your adult life, you might want to think about getting dental implants instead. Although dentures are an effective tooth replacement option, they are miles away from offering what dental implants provide. Besides being permanent tooth replacement orthodontics, dental implants restore bite force, maintain facial structure and enhance natural speech. First, however, you must familiarise yourself with key facts about dental implants before opting for the procedure. This post will help you appreciate dental implants more and know what to expect.

They Need Daily Brushing

One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is that they do not get cavities like natural teeth. The materials used to make permanent dental implants do not decay. However, some people use it as an excuse for not brushing their dental implants. Well, while dental implants cannot develop cavities, your gums are still susceptible to infections, and your breath will change. For instance, if food particles are lodged between your dental implants, they will start rotting, leaving you with a foul breath. Bacteria buildup can also cause infections on your gums and other soft tissues in the mouth. Therefore, always remember to brush your teeth twice a day, even with full dental implants.

Outlasts Natural Teeth/Other Replacement Options

Some people are lucky to keep their teeth well into old age. Even then, loss in jaw bone tissue is still a reality and can lead to loss of natural teeth; therefore, it is safe to assume that natural teeth do not last forever. Similarly, other teeth replacement options like dental bridges are temporary because they last as long as adjacent teeth are healthy. However, dental implants are quite the opposite because they can outlive most natural teeth and various tooth replacement options. Understanding the fact gives you the impetus to take care of your dental implants so that you don't have to undergo another procedure besides routine dental checkups.

Same-Day Implants Require Time

A common misconception about same-day dental implants is that the whole procedure only lasts a day. However, it is not true, and most patients take the same-day dental implants out of context. Notably, installing dental implants is a surgical procedure where a dentist must open the gums at various spots to install the titanium anchor rod. You then have to wait a couple of weeks until your gums and jaw heal before a dentist can install crowns. Thus, the healing period does not qualify the implants as same-day installation. Same-day implants mean that you receive temporary teeth on the first day, but permanent implants replace them after healing.


14 March 2022

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